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Some of the on-page SEO elements this tool checks are...


Title Tags

The most important of all on-page SEO elements



Canonical tags can help reduce duplicate content



A quick loading website can mean a decisive edge



Support the title tag with keyword-rich headings

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SEO can be a daunting process. Get started the basics of on-page SEO optimization by running a simple test on your web-page to get a few tips and find possible problems that could keep your page from ranking in search engines. Also check out SEO packages to get an idea of the types of services we offer.

Title Tag Analysis

The SEO Analysis tool will check the length of your title tag to ensure that you have the proper length. Along with the analysis you will receive recommendations for improving the title tag.

Heading Analysis

The SEO Analysis tool will check the Time to First Byte (TTFB) of your website. This is one of the most important site-speed factors. A sluggish TTFB can hamper the ranking-potential of your website.

Canonical Analysis

The SEO Analysis tool will check the number of outgoing links on your website's home page. Depending on the findings, you will receive recommendations for improving the link profile.

Speed Analysis

The SEO Analysis tool will check for canonical tags. The proper implementation of a canonical tag will reduce the possibility of having duplicate content on your website.

Image Analysis

The SEO Analysis tool will check for image alt tags. The image alt tag, when properly used, will help search engines better understand the content of your web page.

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SEO Analyst offers tools, guides, and other resources for SEO shoppers, and SEO professionals. Here you will find the initial entry into our growing library of SEO resources.

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